Luxury Redefined: Discover Cara Delevingne’s Home Featuring a Stylish Party Venue and Music Retreat

You won’t be disappointed when CARA DELEVINGNE, 28, opens her vibrant Los Angeles house to the public.

Delevingne said her fun house has “lots of different themes and moods” because she has to “put on many different hats and costumes” at work.

Nicol Bini of Line Architecture built her “adult playhouse” with a focus on nature, including Gucci heron wallpaper, a snake carpet, and bird sculptures. Houseplants make it a rainforest.

A gambling area, ball pit, costume room for fanciful dress parties, and trampolines beside the outdoor pool enhance the fun-and-games mood.

According to Delevingne, she enjoys playing games like charades, beer pong, poker, Cards Against Humanity, and tug-of-war.

When my guests visit, the house becomes a maze. She compares it to Alice in Wonderland’s indoor/outdoor playground.I jump in the ball pit on bad days. No one should cry in a ball pit.

Delevingne’s 1941 mansion, resembling an English country manor, had a hidden door called the “vđginǑ tunnel” connecting the main area to a hidden room.

The mansion isn’t complete until the model’s attic party bunker features a mirrored ceiling, tasseled swing, and stóιpper pole.

The music room in her home houses a Chanel guitar that Karl Lagerfeld gave her and one that David Bowie signed.

Though some may disagree, Delevingne says, “It still seems like a home.” A beautiful kitchen, formal dining room, and living room are included. It’s also a voyage. Falling deeper reveals more joys.

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