Ludacris’ Tranquil Getaway: A Luxe Resort Villa Retreat, Where Colleagues Find Harmony and Connection

There was a 400-square-foot elevated daybed waiting for Ludacris outdoors beside the pool if he had run out of places to lay his head inside his Bahamas holiday home.

On the island of Eleuthera, Luda just crashed at the Ananda Estate. According to our sources, he spent at least a few nights there.

Currently listed for $10 mιllιon, the expansive 4-bedroom oceanfront mansion rents for $3,600 per night.

It includes a personal chef, an ATV, an SUV, and two jet skis. There are two other hangout areas near the pool, one with that enormous daybed and the other with a sunken kitchen close to a gigantic Buddha fountain.

That 50-foot infinity pool appears to be extremely difficult to exit, and Ludacris appears to agree.

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