Jonathan Owens’ Romantic Extravaganza: Envy-Worthy Yacht Getaway for His Beloved Wife

To show love for his wife, Jonathan Owens is not afraid to spend a huge amount of money to rent a luxurious and expensive yacht to take his wife on vacation, which makes fans jealous!

Simone Biles spent her birthday in the enchanted settings of Turks and Caicos with her boyfriend, Jonathan Owens, and delighted her Instagram followers with a visual feast of alluring holiday attire.

Biles captured moments of joy with her fiancé in a series of images that included a selection of sexy bikinis in a stunning display of elegance. In one especially beautiful photo, Biles was wearing a stylish white bucket hat and an appealing Burberry one-piece swimsuit, while the duo was seen having a passionate kiss against the background of blue waves.

Simone Biles Rocks Sexy Swimsuits While Vacationing with Fiancé Jonathan  Owens: 'Feelin Good'A day before St. Patrick’s Day, Biles celebrated by dazzling her fans with an all-lime green attire that included a high-cut bikini with a ruched top and a matching bucket hat.

Simone Biles & Fiancé Jonathan Owens Are Having The Time Of Their Lives On  Baecation | BellaNaijaThe next day, she posted another seductive image on Instagram, this time wearing a peach one-piece suit and a chic white bucket hat while striking a graceful posture in front of the crystal-clear water. “Livin a bikini kind of life” is the caption Biles wrote beside the images.

Simone Biles details heartbreaking reality of long-distance marriage with  NFL player Jonathan Owens | HELLO!

Jonathan Owens celebrated Biles’ 25th birthday on Instagram earlier this week, expressing his love for her. He added, “Want to wish my beautiful fiancée a happy birthday!!!” in an emotional message. Is there somewhere better to introduce it than paradise? It’s clear that we were meant to be together, and I look forward to creating many memories with you throughout this life journey .

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