Iп extreme paiп, the helpless dog υпcoпscioυsly screamed “please save me” wheп his head was stυck iп the small door.

Last week, first responders from South Carolina’s Sumter Police Department were dispatched to a local residence. It was the scene of an unusual predicament.

Arriving at the home, they were met with this — a floppy-eared head protruding from an exterior wall.

It was a dog named Spike.

Sumter Police Department

Turns out, Spike was in a bit of a jam.

According to law enforcement, he’d been “sniffing out mischief” inside his family’s home when he came across their dryer vent. Evidently, he wanted to see what was on the other side.

But it proved to be more than just a momentary peek.

Sumter Police Department

Freeing Spike from that tight spot was a bit more involved than simply helping him squeeze his head back through the dryer vent hole.

Rescuers actually needed to remove some siding from the home.

This was all obviously far more than Spike had bargained for.

Sumter Police Department

Fortunately, in the end, Spike was saved — the hole ordeal was finally behind him.

Sumter Police Department

As the Sumter Police Department wrote:

“With the help of Sumter PD and Sumter Fire Department personnel, [the] happy hound was freed from his unfortunate circumstance and is doing fine, probably looking to see what else he can get into for the day.”


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