Feline Elegance Unleashed: A Daring Retreat from the Edge Reveals a Kitten’s Unique Markings That Command Attention

A kitten with unique markings insists on getting all the attention after she was brought back from the brink.

A few weeks ago, Wrenn Rescues, an all-volunteer animal rescue in Southern California, was contacted about a litter of kittens needing foster care. They were in poor shape, covered in dirt, and battling a host of health issues.

Ashley Kelley, a volunteer of the rescue, didn’t hesitate to take them in and started caring for them around the clock. One of the kittens named Auntie Whispers has distinct markings on her face that are shaped like the Rorschach test.

Despite being so tiny and unwell when they first got her, the calico was a fighter and determined to bounce back on her paws. After days of tube-feedings along with supplemental care, the kitten made incredible gains and even grew a cute chonky belly.

“She eats and then goes back to napping without a care in the world,” Ashley shared.

At a young age, the kitten has already discovered her sass and calico attitude. She isn’t shy of showing it. The little bundle of fluff likes waving her paws up in the air as if to try to catch an invisible bug.

The kitten is constantly seeking attention from her caretakers or other kitties, and doesn’t want to be alone.

Auntie Whispers and her sister Lorna share an adorable bond. They play-fight and wrestle with all their might and make up afterwards by napping next to each other, while Lorna showers her sister with licks.

Erin (@catasticalmeows), a foster volunteer of Wrenn Rescues, and her son Chris took over the foster duties. “We built them a suite, sleeping quarters with an en suite and a great room to play in,” Erin said.

The kittens were not quite sure what toys were at first, but quickly started learning. The sisters explored their new digs and checked out their assortment of toys as a duo.

“These two are together all the time now. They are still having some slap fights and it’s funny to watch them play,” Erin added. “They are getting so big and changing so fast.”

Auntie Whispers is still very small for her age, despite the chonky belly. Lorna has taken the role as big sister, looking out for the little calico everywhere they go.

“Lorna is the rough and tumble type, and Auntie Whispers is so petite and princess like.”

The two fill their room with endless entertainment as they scamper around, creating all sorts of antics.

“Auntie Whispers has decided she is big enough to navigate the cat tree. Even around the cat tree pole, they are still keeping up with the slap fights.”

“The sisters love their play time. When all the play is over, they both are the snuggliest and purriest little two,” Erin shared.

“Lorna will definitely mother Auntie Whispers. She will snuggle her, clean her face and ears.”

The two best friends spend plenty of time together, honing their feline skills and learning how to be proper cats. If they meet other foster kittens, they’d greet them with a few gentle pats.

“They not only play hard but they also are having deep convos about who these small roommates (other fosters) are and would like to meet them,” Erin added.

At seven weeks old, the calico has finally reached her one-pound milestone.

“She and Lorna both have come so far,” Erin said. “They are a lively bunch and we are having so much fun with them.”

The calico thrives on being the center of attention. She is quite the cuddle-bug and an adorable purr machine.

“She loves to have her face rubbed and snuggle real close to your neck! She also loves to tell us secrets when she purrs right in our ears,” Erin shared.

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