Exclusive Tour of Mufasa’s Casa: Cassper Nyovest’s Multi-Million Rand Mansion and the Enormous Car-Friendly Greenery

A rapper with a platinum-selling album, a prosperous businessman, and a father of an adorable child! Cassper Nyovest, who wears many hats, requires a residence suitable for a king. According to Savanna News, the Move For Me rapper’s Johannesburg mansion in Kyalami is worth R10 million, but it has gained value over the years as a result of restorations.

Cassper Nyovest’s R10 million mansion in Kyalami has a stunning garden with an outdoor area large enough to stage a party for some of South Africa’s most famous celebrities. According to The Citizen, the backyard is well-kept and the 31-year-old rapper has a jungle gym for his son, Khotso.

Cassper commissioned Ennok Mlangeni, a local artist, to create an original work for his swimming pool in 2021.

Cassper’s home has two staircases where he holds impromptu photoshoots and a large lounge where he stages game nights with his closest friends.

On his 31st birthday, 16 December, Cassper Nyovest added a brand-new McClaren GT to his garage, bringing his total number of premium vehicles to three.

In November 2016, the accomplished rapper purchased his first luxury vehicle, a Bentley Continental GT V8. Cassper lavished himself with a Rolls Royce reportedly worth R8.5 million in February 2021.

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