A Shocking Move by Tesla: Dismissing Entire Electric Vehicle Charging Staff

Despite the Supercharger electric car charging system making significant progress, Tesla has shocked the industry with a surprising decision.

The company has announced mass layoffs of employees, including Rebecca Tinucci and the majority of Supercharger electric car charging system employees, totaling about 500 people. This news has been met with disbelief, but reputable sources in the US have confirmed it, and CEO Elon Musk has commented on the matter.

Sa thải cho sướng miệng, giờ Elon Musk "muối mặt" đi tuyển lại những người vừa đuổi đi

According to Musk, Tesla needs to make significant staff cuts at this time. Following layoffs in the marketing team, the team responsible for the electric car charging sector is now facing cuts. In total, Tesla plans to cut 10% of its global workforce, equivalent to about 14,000 jobs, across all operational areas from manufacturing to operations and other services.

The layoffs at Tesla are not entirely surprising, but what has shocked public opinion is the company’s decision to dismiss the entire staff of a sector that was performing well. This includes employees responsible for issues related to the Supercharger charging stations, which seems inappropriate given the recent success of convincing other car brands to adopt the NACS electric car charging standard.

Sa thải cho sướng miệng, giờ Elon Musk "muối mặt" đi tuyển lại những người vừa đuổi đi

This historic agreement promised significant profits for Tesla, including licensing fees, service charges, and revenue from building on-demand charging stations. However, with the operational and expansion team now laid off, questions arise about Tesla’s ability to fully exploit the potential of this agreement.

While Tesla’s Supercharger charging infrastructure is renowned for its reliability and coverage, the layoffs may affect its operation. Not expanding the scale but only operating around existing charging stations could disappoint users.

Elon Musk has stated that the money saved from staff cuts will be used to ensure the maintenance of the current charging station system’s quality. However, with quality staff laid off, concerns arise about who will maintain the system’s quality moving forward.

Many believe that Tesla should consider cutting the design and quality management department, as the company has faced criticism for the quality of its vehicles, with models quickly developing flaws after launch. Additionally, Tesla’s car designs have remained largely unchanged over the years, unlike other car brands that regularly update their product lines.

Chuyện như đùa: Tesla có thể phải gọi các nhân viên đã sa thải trở về làm  việc - Tuổi Trẻ Online

As other car companies focus on building strong charging systems, those behind the Supercharger may need to quickly find new positions. However, focusing too much on AI and self-driving technology while cutting important areas could pose risks for Tesla’s future.

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